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Looking for construction clean up?

At ASC Property Maintenance, our construction clean up services are efficient in ensuring that your construction site is left spotless, saving you time and effort. We remove debris, dust, construction waste, and yard waste leaving the area ready for immediate use or further development. We have the right equipment and hauling capabilities for fast removal. You can rely on our prompt and affordable services in Pink Hill, Jacksonville, Kinston, and Goldsboro, NC.

What defines construction waste?

We remove and haul away any construction waste generated during your construction, renovation, demolition, or DIY project. This might include bricks, rotten wood, insulation, piping, drywall, cardboard, plastic, metal, and yard debris like rocks, brush piles, old pavers, old dog houses, and whatever else you have. 

What are the benefits of hiring us for your construction clean up?

By delegating the task to us, you are freeing up precious time for yourself to focus on other important aspects of your project. And instead of spending hours cleaning up after construction is completed, we can save you time and gas money with our trucks.

Construction boards cleaned up after job

Affordable debris removal

Our debris and construction waste removal services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring that all waste materials, from concrete and wood to packaging and hazardous substances, are safely and responsibly removed. We prioritize affordability, making it easier for Pink Hill residents and property owners to keep construction sites clean, safe, and compliant.

No clean up job is too small

Let’s give you an example; perhaps you just tore up old landscaping timbers and installed a patio paver in their place in your backyard. Your DIY project looks great but now you’re left with a pile of rotten landscaping timbers, and you don’t have a truck to haul them away. Times like these are where ASC Property Maintenance comes to the rescue. We take on small jobs like this one in addition to full construction site clean ups.

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